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Using Super Contributions To Buy A House. Using your super fund, you can contribute up to $15,000 each financial year, with the total you can withdraw across all years from 1 july 2017 capped at $30,000. 18 rows the scheme came into law on 1 july 2018 and applies to voluntary super contributions made since july 2017.

Superannuation Features » Defintiv
Superannuation Features » Defintiv from

At an individual level, it may make sense to purchase a house first and then build up super savings after. You are only allowed to apply for this scheme once. This scheme allows first home buyers to save up to $30,000 of voluntary contributions overall.

Superannuation Features » Defintiv

Eligibility is assessed on an individual basis, meaning couples can each contribute to their super, and. The fhsss allows for voluntary super contributions to be saved in super and then later released to purchase a first home. If you don’t buy a home in this period you. You must request and have your funds released by the australian tax office (ato) before signing a contract to buy your first home or you may have to pay fhsss tax.