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Rules For Double Dominoes. In this game, the player with the highest draw in either direction gets the highest number of consecutive tiles at each end. Each end of the tile contains a number.

Double Six Dominoes Basic Rules YouTube
Double Six Dominoes Basic Rules YouTube from

Up to 4 players take 15 dominoes each, 5 or 6 take 12 each, 7 or 8 take 10 each. This article will also cover some of the most important rules of domino! If no double was drawn, all dominoes are returned to the draw pile, reshuffled, and redrawn.

Double Six Dominoes Basic Rules YouTube

For 4 players, draw 5. They can also be used to add variety to the simpler games, or to allow more people to play them. Double 6, ‑9, ‑12, ‑15, ‑18 or ‑21) opens the game by placing this domino on the table with the number of points facing upwards (1st move).if no one has the highest possible double domino, the player with the next highest double domino opens. Thank you for watching how to play doubles.