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The highlight was the painting which given we stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is really saying something. I visited in July in soaring temperatures even higher than normal, such that the brush had barely touched the paper before it had dried. Learning to apply washes in these conditions makes the technique so much more important and by the end of the week that technique will be truly cemented. Paul is a great teacher. I will always have memories of washing brushes “Give it a manly wash Tim! Imagine you’re making a cappuccino!” and his aversion to green which I agree can ruin so many paintings. It was a wonderful week of painting enhanced by both Paul with his tremendous humour and Angela with extraordinary organising and cooking skills. She will have your tour to the Gaudi sights, tapas bars and flamenco evenings booked before you know it. I have no hesitation in recommending a stay at La Terazza Atico. 5 stars for me.

Dr Tim March – Melbourn

What a wonderful vacation! Angela starts taking care of guests before they arrive, seeking to get to know them a little to determine how best to make the stay more enjoyable. She is also a versatile and terrific cook, accommodating food preferences and allergies. When they say that you don’t need experience in painting in watercolour, they really mean it! For the daily painting outings, Paul provides all the supplies, and instructs, demonstrates, guides, oversees… and fixes where necessary, either a lot or merely upon request. And so we leave with finished products, and practical painting experience. Angela and Paul are thoughtful and gracious hosts, informal and flexible so as to accommodate preferences, helping guests maximize their stay in Barcelona with useful tips, and even transit passes. Transportation is very convenient, close to the train station and a comfortable and brief taxi ride to the airport. Several city buses stop literally at the front door, though from the lovely wrap around eighth floor terrace, apartment street noise is far away. The apartment is lovely – an intimate feel, but with plenty of room and privacy. With the mornings pleasantly occupied with a custom breakfast and a painting outing, followed by gourmet lunch, there is still time to get out and explore everything that Barcelona has to offer in the afternoon and evening. Highly recommended!!

Deborah G – Toronto

The one-week watercolor painting course I did last week was immensely enjoyable. Paul was a very dedicated instructor who ensured I got maximum value out of every session. His instructions were consistent and precise and style of teaching encouraged both discipline and self-expression. I could not have had a more productive time! On the accommodation, it was very pleasant and comfortable. Angela was a fabulous host who was ready with not only breakfast and lunch on the dot but helpful tips on things to do and places to eat. The meals also invariably came with good conversations with the hosts. Public transport was easy and taxi was relatively inexpensive. All in all, if you enjoy art and culture, good food and wine, and a good go at painting, I would highly recommend a week with Paul and Angela!

Rie Rumito – Singapore


My husband and I stayed with Angela and Paul for six nights, for me to do the five day painting course. We had an absolutely fabulous time. I had some previous watercolour experience, however Paul’s technique was quite different to that. He has an energetic, vibrant and contemporary style. Paul is a very good teacher, enthusiastic and encouraging. I learnt a lot about shadow, colour mixing and populating my paintings with foreground detail. (I learnt I will need to improve my people!). It was such a lovely way to experience the city. Each day we would head out to a significant Barcelona site and paint it! Producing wonderful mementos to treasure. Paul and Angela are well organised and we headed out promptly each morning to be set up and ready for a good three hours painting. Their very comfortable apartment is well located in the city, with bus and tram at the front door. We generally caught the bus to the painting site or for the out of town site Paul drove us. Paul had pre-bought the bus tickets and carried all the painting gear. Angela and Paul were incredible hosts. Welcoming and generous. Angela provided a good breakfast and really delicious lunch each day. She even did our washing! They both had good suggestions for activities in the city and know the public transport system well. Meeting the other guests was also a real pleasure and added greatly to the fun of the stay. My husband who did not paint, either came with us to the painting site, then wandered off to enjoy the area (swam at the beachfront!) or did his own thing. The stay with Angela and Paul was a highlight for him also. I whole heartedly recommend this as a great holiday experience


Kate Reed – Melbourne

I just want to thank you both for being such wonderful hosts, it was my first time travelling alone but as soon as you met me from the aerobus you made me so welcome and at home. The food was delicious and more than plentiful which was good as I never knew that painting would make me so hungry! I have never painted out doors before let alone in a public place! The first morning was a little daunting but thank you Paul for putting me at ease and after an hour I soon felt a little more confidant and as the days passed I became more comfortable and tuned into the constant movement of the view we were painting. You never made me feel that I was lost, as soon as you were aware of the few jitters that I had you were there to give advise, encouragement and help. At the end of each painting session I was truly amazed at what I had achieved not only by the look of the painting but also by the knowledge I had gained though colour combinations I have never tried before, looking at the lights & darks to give dramatic affect and the way to approach a live scene. After a scrumptious lunch I had the afternoon & evening free to explore Barcelona, and thank you both again for you help in what to see and how to get around Barcelona with ease. It’s such a lovely city and most of it within walking distance, the Gaudi buildings and park were all they were cracked up to be, Las Ramblas pulsating with life, as was the Boqueria market which is not to be missed. The tapas bar you recommended was a throng of lively happy people spilling over into the street with the most tempting array of tapas that I wish I could of eaten more. My holiday with you and Charlie was a great combination of painting, sight seeing, relaxing which I highly recommend and when I can, I would like to return as I didn’t get to see all of Barcelona, in fact if I had stayed in a hotel I wouldn’t have seen as much of Barcelona as I did. So thank you both & Charlie for a very happy relaxing, enjoying time which I shall never forget. With best wishes and happy memories.

Susan Griffiths – Chertsey

I visited Barcelona with a friend for a glorious five days in June. Angela and Paul were fantastic hosts. We loved the morning breakfast banter and visits to hidden Catalan gems, like a downtown flea market. The highlight of our trip? A painting class on La Rambla de Catalunya, a bustling thoroughfare. I had zero experience with water-coloring (or art at all) but Paul helped us capture the shadows, energy and vibrancy of the street. The painting is hanging up on my wall! I can’t believe what we accomplished in a few hours. Thanks again Paul and Angela for an amazing trip!

Christina Farr – San Francisco

This was an incredible experience. Neither of my boys, aged 9 & 10, had painted anything much more advanced than stick men before. They copied their pictures from photographs they found on the Internet. Paul gave them lots of patient guidance on how to draw and use watercolours to best effect. They not only enjoyed their lesson enormously but felt so proud of what they had achieved and really enthusiastic about painting more pictures. The setting was to die for; an apartment full of light, nestled atop a 1920′s apartment block with stunning views over Tibidabo and the city. The meals are delicious too!

Anabel Cutler – London

I really enjoyed the painting course and thank you for all your patience in helping me – I was really amazed how much I improved within just a few days. Even though I’ve been involved making sculpture, and props for films for most of my life, I’ve always rather admired people who set up their easels and paint what they see in front of them, so it was a great opportunity to overcome this particular creatively frustrating hurdle. Easel painting in the heat and the heart of downtown Barcelona was a bit daunting to begin with, especially with all the curious eyes wanting to see what we were doing, but after a while it didn’t bother me. And, in any case, many thousands of people were strolling around clicking away, experiencing the city vicariously through their digital camera lenses, whereas we were looking, seeing, and creating something. So, perhaps behind all those curious eyes was also a hint of envy. A thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Rob Lee – London

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