Beginners & Novice Painters

I have never painted out doors before let alone in a public place! The first morning was a little daunting but thank you Paul for putting me at ease and after an hour I soon felt a little more confidant and as the days passed I became more comfortable and tuned into the constant movement of the view we were painting. You never made me feel that I was lost, as soon as you were aware of the few jitters that I had you were there to give advise, encouragement and help. At the end of each painting session I was truly amazed at what I had achieved not only by the look of the painting but also by the knowledge I had gained though colour combinations I have never tried before, looking at the lights and darks to give dramatic affect and the way to approach a live scene.

Susan Griffiths – London

I had zero experience with water-coloring (or art at all) but Paul helped us capture the shadows, energy and vibrancy of the street. The painting is hanging up on my wall! I can’t believe what we accomplished in a few hours. Thanks again Paul and Angela for an amazing trip!

Christina Farr – San Francisco


Our 5 day workshop is suitable for both beginners and improvers. The majority of guests who come out painting are new to pitching an easel outdoors and painting on the spot. Some have never painted before and others are familiar with different mediums or artistic techniques. However, so far with no exceptions all our guests have been pleasantly surprised by what they have learned and what they have achieved.

It is all the more intimidating when your first encounter happens in a public place. However guests need not feel nervous. Paul has a way of teaching that will steer you through the process move by move. He’ll guide your hand and eye at each stage so that the final result will be pleasing and you will neither be embarrassed or disappointed.

As the week progresses and you understand more of the technique he will become less involved in your painting and let you have free reign. By the fifth day you should feel confident enough to take to the easel by yourself and paint a picture that you can be pleased with. Obviously it takes years to develop a slick and unique style but taking this course will help you avoid many wasted hours and much frustration.


We Have Moved!

We are no longer based in Barcelona but have moved to the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorce. We fully intend to resume workshops later in the year but there is much to find out about our new home before we start. If you may be interested in joining us please sign up below and we will keep ypu informed.

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Angela & Paul.

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